Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Time to Blog!

Well it's time to jump on another bandwagon. Recently I have seen lots of people start blogs and I thought why not start one of my own? I have tried in the past to do this and have failed because honestly I dont have any drive to talk about interesting things I see or how much I love art or music. So those blogs never lasted long. But today I thought of an amazing idea to blog about. Are you ready for it?........Ready?

I love the Bible. I love reading it, learning from it, and seeing how God worked in the past and how he is working today. So this blog will serve as my quiet time journal. As I read and study the Bible I am going to be putting my thoughts on here about what I read. This is a way for me to process what I am reading and maybe get something out of it. So this blog was kind of created for selfish reasons. A place for me to get all of these thoughts out of my brain! Enjoy!!

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