Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feeding People and Walking on Water

This morning I read Matthew chapter 14 and again was blown away at how awesome Jesus is. In this chapter he feeds over 5000 people with a few pieces of bread and fish, walks on water and gives the disciples a heart attack, and heals people just by them touching his garments! Pretty awesome stuff.

At the beginning of this chapter there is a story about how Herod beheads John the Baptist. John had spoken out against the sketchy relationship Herod had with his brother's wife and since Herod didn't like that he got thrown in jail. Herodias (Herod's sketchy wife) convinces Herod to behead John and then John's disciples bury him.

In verse 13 it kind of shows how Jesus was affected by this news. Obviously John was important and special to Jesus because he had tried to withdraw and process this by himself. But a few people followed him....5000 or so!! And he teaches them and then they get hungry. I love how Jesus tells his disciples, "you give them something to eat." Like its no big deal to feed 5000 people. But Jesus performs an awesome miracle (the only one recorded in all 4 gospels).

After this Jesus again goes away to spend some time alone in prayer. Want to see some proof for the importance of connecting with God on a regular basis? Well here it is....Jesus did it! So many times we see Jesus going off on his own to connect with God the Father. A great example for us. If Jesus, the Son of God, needed time to connect and recharge with God how much more do we need that?

The last part of this chapter talks about Jesus healing people just by them touching the fringes of his garment! I love that that is how much power Jesus has. People who have faith in him only need to touch the edge of his clothes to be healed! Once again reading this morning has made me realize how amazing it must have been to come into contact with Jesus. And one day all of us will!

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